This is the structure for the 6/8/98 and 7/8/92 trees. I have sent out ALL BRANCH COPIES, so my duty is done. If you are on the tree, you should have already gotten "the e-mail." If you signed up and are not listed, or if you see a mistake in the structure of the tree, please e-mail me and tell me. I wll do my best to fix it. Morgan

1) Morgan Halton([email protected])	
1) Kevin Lynam ([email protected])

1.1)Leif Moravy ([email protected])  
	1.1.1)Justin Callaghan ([email protected]) Parle ([email protected]) Gyma ([email protected]) Waggoner ([email protected])
	1.1.2)Rocky Rennix ([email protected]) Cibik ([email protected]) Mathason ([email protected]) Friedel([email protected])
	1.1.3)Josh Gibney ([email protected]) Washburn ([email protected]) Downs ([email protected]) Stack ([email protected]) Weng ([email protected])
	1.1.4)Matthew Sherwood ([email protected]) Schneider ([email protected]) Odessky ([email protected]) Legath ([email protected])
	1.1.5)Brent Hornberger ([email protected]) Stewart ([email protected]) L.Church	([email protected]) DiMaina ([email protected])			

1.2)Mike Rezny ([email protected])
	1.2.1)Mike Sidoti ([email protected]) Scott ([email protected]) Jackson ([email protected]) South ([email protected])
	1.2.2)Young Pak	([email protected]) Kresl ([email protected]) Marotta ([email protected]) Kavanaugh ([email protected])
	1.2.3)Heide Agas ([email protected]) Blanchette ([email protected]) Moody ([email protected]) Thomas ([email protected])
1.3)Bryan McQuade ([email protected])
	1.3.1)Rob Bokon ([email protected]) Haber ([email protected]) Carter ([email protected]) Hester ([email protected])
	1.3.2)Michael Vernal ([email protected]) Schanbacher (m[email protected]) L.Church	([email protected]) Clinebell ([email protected])			
	1.3.3)Tom Herr ([email protected])
	1.3.4)Brendan Alexander ([email protected])

1.4)John Graves ([email protected]) 
	1.4.1)Chris Bradley ([email protected])
	1.4.2)Kenneth Kieffer ([email protected])
	1.4.3)Dave Smith ([email protected])

1.5)Melissa Landanno ([email protected])
	1.5.1)Tom Buckley ([email protected])
	1.5.2)Kevin Kessler ([email protected])
	1.5.3)Brian Jo ([email protected])

1.6)Jason Forcier ([email protected])
	1.6.1)Nick Blanchette ([email protected])
	1.6.2)Carl Moody ([email protected])
	1.6.3)Dave Lauer([email protected])