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Here are links to some of the central DMB sites of the day.

Dave Matthews Band's official website
Contains all official updates, band news, exclusive merchandise, etc.

The Warehouse
Official fanclub of tDMB (advance tickets, chat, and more).

One of the biggest and oldest fan-run DMB sites, with a rather extensive collection of setlists, info, and more.

Another huge fan-run DMB site, featuring extensive show downloads and more. Together with nancies, i think they make this site pretty useless =)

Dancing Nancies community on Livejournal
A DMB community for anyone on Livejournal, open to all DMB discussion.

Two Step Down Under
A fan site for DMB fans down under. Also much better than this site! :-P

Supernash's Site
Site Description - He has tons of shows in SHN format for downloading! Who needs me? hehe

Wasting Time
Site Description - Has a bunch of mostly original DMB skins for Winamp

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