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I have decided to post 8-1-99 in mp3. Why 8-1-99? I'll give you 2 guesses. That's right, i was there! If you were there too, i highly suggest getting it. If you weren't, i still suggest getting it.

I'll be posting the songs here 1 or 2 at a time, at first i guess, and i'm gonna experiment with different ways to host them. So forgive me if the server seems to be down every once in a while. Please note, to save any of the files, either use shift + click, or right click and do 'save link as'. Also i recommend that if you have Getright (available at tucows.com in internet tools), use it. Any way you do it, these files should be saved to disk, not opened through netscape (what usually happens when you left click on a link).

First, you should make a directory called '8-1-99', and download the Info file and the Winamp Playlist.
The Info file gives info on the taper, the setlist, and the encoder (Moi). The playlist is to open all the songs in order (once you have them) in winamp.

- Get the Info and Playlist files.. then:
- The First song is 01 - Stone.mp3 -removed-.
- The Second song is 02 - Don't Drink the Water.mp3 -removed.
- The Third song is 03 - Rhyme and Reason.mp3 -removed
- The Fourth song is 04 - One Sweet World.mp3 (9.4 MB) -removed-
- The Fifth song is 05 - Warehouse.mp3 (8.3 MB) -removed-
- The Sixth song is 06 - Crash Into Me.mp3 (6.9 MB) -removed-
- The Seventh song is 07 - Lie In Our Graves.mp3 (13.8 MB) -removed-
- The Eigth song is 08 - STJL.mp3 (4.3 MB) -removed-
- The Ninth song is 09 - Two Step.mp3 (15.9 MB) -removed-
- The Tenth song is 10 - Dreaming Tree.mp3 (12.8 MB) -removed-
- The Eleventh song is 11 - PNP - Rapunzel.mp3 (14.2 MB) -removed-
- The Twelfth song is 12 - Satellite.mp3 (5.65 MB) -removed-
- The Thirteenth song is 13 - Jimi Thing.mp3 (13.6 MB) -removed-
- The Fourteenth song is 14 - Too Much.mp3 (4.5 MB) -removed-
- The Fifteenth song is 15 - Angel From Montgomery.mp3 (8.0 MB) -removed-
- The Sixteenth song is 16 - All Along the Watchtower.mp3 (9.8 MB) -removed-

Late last year, I was contacted by my school's Net Ethics department, regarding certain "Illegal" mp3's I was "giving away" on my "website". Well, to make a long story short, they'd been contacted by the RIAA about my "illegal" activity, and though the people at the school agreed with me, we all thought it would be a good idea if i removed the directly linked MP3's.

The good thing is, they're still all available HERE!

PLEASE ONLY ATTEMPT ONE DOWNLOAD AT A TIME. I strongly suggest you use Getright's download manager, instead of IE or Netscape. If I have a problem with a user HAMMERING or trying to get too much too fast, I will have no choice but to ban them. Moderation and common sense are the cure for this.

Also, i'd like to remind everyone to check out the Fans Page where i have posted a really nice song (not a DMB cover but really nice, by a DMB fan).

Copyright @ 1999 - 2000, The DMB Palace

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Webmaster of the
DMB Palace Falco98