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Want to know how to convert mp3s to wav? Go here.

Welcome to my MP3 / SHN info and faq page.

MP3 is just an audio file format. There is nothing illegal about MP3 in general, only pirated albums (or "rips"), but MP3 has gotten alot of bad attention lately because this is its most common use.

MP3 is so useful because it takes a very large WAV file (pure sound), and compresses it to 1/10 the size, such that it can be downloaded by modems.

The neat thing about this is, since the Dave Matthews Band allows taping and free distribution of their concerts, MP3 is employed to spread around said concerts (such as on my Live MP3 page), completely legally.

Mp3 to Wav

Use Winamp2.04 or later. A picture is included below for visualization purposes. First, open winamp go to options then preferences (see the image).
Choose output plugins, and choose "Nullsoft Disk Writer" (pictured).
Hit configure and it will ask for a destination for the WAV file (what folder or directory it will go into).
Click OK, and then open the mp3 you want to convert to wav, and hit play.
The conversion will be quick and silent. INPORTANT, remember to change Winamp back to "Wave Out" (from "disk writer") before playing any more mp3's, or they will be converted as well!

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