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Welcome to Moosey's DMB Palace

Last Updated: 01/17/99 @ 10:22 p.m est.
By: Morgan

   After talking with Moosey today (Friday), we have decided tostart signups right now for branches. The signups will last throughout theweekend, or until I feel that there are enough people. Once I have the branch structuredone, the leaf signups will begin for the burner less sometime within the next 2weeks.

         This tree is going to be a little different.The cd's will contain MP3 files. Not MP3's converted to wave's, but filesin the Joliet File System. The Parent is required to just make acopy of the cd's he/she gets from the tree for his/her children. Parents ofleafs must be able to do a B&P for their children. If you need info on how atree works, go to here.Please think about what you are getting into before you say you will take x amountof kids. Remember that you are burning 3 cd's for each child you have.

    General Rules and Stuff

    • NO profiteering at ALL. No 2:1's and no selling. I do not care if parents do B+P or trade w/ their kids. It's up to you and your parent. All parents of leafs are required to offer a B+P to their leafs.
    • Hopefully I have weeded out ALL of the bad traders from the tree...if I haven't..please TELL me, and I will make the nessaceary changes
    • All sending should be done however you and your parents choose
    • Since there is no standard brand of CD-R blanks used for trading, the brands are up to you and your parent
    • Parents are NOT required to enclose labels/and or set list for their children. All that is required of you is to somehow label the media or jewel case as to what disc number.

    Old Tree Structures

    Contact Me about the trees only (please don't ask if you made it!)

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